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Pathway IT Solutions is a cloud services, hardware and hardware aggregator. We have been in business since 1995. 


System Management & Monitoring

Pathway IT Solutions manages your services, servers, desktops, backup, security and licensing. 

System Management & Monitoring

Server and Desktop Optimization & Management

We perform Server and Workstation installation, setup and checkups as needed. Confirming that you have the current service packs and patches to keep your servers and workstations in good running condition.

ISP Management & Web Host Support

We will assist you with communications with your hosting provider to make sure you get the services you need. We'll fight the layers of customer support bureaucracy on your behalf so you don't have to.

Network and Firewall Management

The creativity and persistence of malicious hackers requires that firewall management be an active process. We'll monitor your firewall, as well as the latest security trends to be sure systems continue to be current.

Router Management

Pathway IT Solutions will ensure your router is configured properly to optimize network performance and ensure critical business systems run.

Server Event Log Monitoring

Pathway IT Solutions will proactively monitor your event logs to ensure that warnings and signs of trouble are managed prior to them affecting your network health.

Drive Space Monitoring

Pathway IT Solutions monitors your drive space to assist each client with capacity planning to optimize your storage constraints. Pathway IT Solutions will notify you directly to either remove files or add additional storage prior to it adversely affecting your business.

MS Exchange Monitoring

If you have invested in hosting Exchange in house, Pathway IT Solutions will actively manage your email queues to ensure both inbound and outbound mail is flowing properly. At the same time Pathway IT Solutions is monitoring your exchange services for responsiveness to ensure your mail is functioning. If hosted Exchange suits your company’s needs, Pathway IT Solutions will setup and maintain these services as needed. We understand that with most businesses today, email is vital.

Backup Monitoring and Administration

Company knowledge and history are one of your biggest assets. Pathway IT Solutions will assess your backup needs and make recommendations on how to best protect your business. With a robust backup regimen in place, Pathway IT Solutions will monitor and maintain you backup on a regular basis. In the event of data loss, Pathway IT Solutions will be there to restore your data to ensure business continuity.